Audio Technica At-pl60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable

When Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto turned “The Girl from Ipanema” into a classic LP, they probably never realized that the work they were doing would be the standard by which many turntables would later be judged and that’s why a turntable such as the Audio Technica AT-PL60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable is still a hit after all these years.

It is true the digital audio crowd has proclaimed the end of the LP and pressed recordings many times over, yet, if you are a real audiophile, the only way — only way — one can listen to good music is with a standard turntable. Fortunately, the audio industry does know that it takes all kinds of source material to keep audiophiles happy, so they provide as many ways as possible to get source material to the speaker cones. They may use simple binding posts or screw-on binding posts or the clip-style (push the button and insert the wire into a set of teeth). Even the good, old-fashioned RCA-style plug has its place in an audiophile’s speaker domain, which is why true purists can get the richness that LPs and 45s still bring to music.

It is true that digital audio is great and when you jam those iPod earbuds down tightly into your earlobes you hear many bright highs and lows, but there is still a lot to be said for putting on a classic pressing of an LP — Chicago’s “White Album” comes to mind — and listening through a good set of speakers (that’s one good thing about speakers, as long as the input source material can go from digital to analog or analog to digital, the speaker cones don’t care what is driving them, they just reproduce the sound).

There’s a certain richness that you only get from a good pressing of an LP that digital audio, for all of its ability to repeat sound exactly, just can’t match. We’ve tried listening both ways and still do prefer the output from a turntable like the Audio Technica because of the richness we’ve talked about.

Yet, even Audio Technica, which still uses belt drive, has been overtaken by the digital audio world in that it the AT-PL60 includes a switchable phone preamp and inputs so that you can hook your turntable directly to your home PC.

One of the features we like about the turntable is its dual magnet phone cartridge which not only helps audio input but, since it is a cartridge, is replaceable when the stylus wears out (digital audiophiles will point out that one doesn’t have to replace a CD or DVD unit after a given number of plays and that the digital units will deliver clean precise audio until they fail, but remember when they fail, you do have to replace the whole CD or DVD and not just the stylus).

The Audio Technica is a two-speed turntable 33 1/3 and 45 and the platter itself is aluminum-based so it will remain straight and balanced. It also has some fine Wow and Flutter specs. Wow and Flutter is less than 0.25 percent (WTD) at 3 kHz. The S/N ratio (signal-to-noise) is better than 50 dB (DIN-B).

On the output side, the phono preamp has is 2.5 mV at 1 kHz, at 50 cm per second. The line-in preamp has great specs of 150 mV at 1kHz, at 5 cm per second. Phono pre-amp gain is a nominal 36 dB.

A compact turntable, the Audio Technica weighs only 6.6 pounds and is 14 by 4 by 14 so it won’t take up much space in any home entertainment center. Accessories included with it include dual RCA-style female to standard 3.5 mm stereo male adapter; and a RCA-style female to female adapter cable, as well as the 45 mm center spindle for 45 rpm pressings.

How Times Change Recording Of Audio

Today, listening to music on compact disks and audio tapes is no novelty. Did we however think how the music got there? Recording music involves the storing of performances for later listening. This is what the musical bands and great singers do. Then, record labels like virgin records and Sony convert them into high quality tapes or cd’s for our pleasure in cars or where ever we go.

The first recording principal came about through a Swiss watch maker in 1796 when he proposed the first musical box. Then came the phonograph in 1877 by Edison. He constructed a cylinder with soft material like led or tinfoil. A stylus drew grooves across this material and through the depth of the grooves and calculated air pressure the recording was determined.

In 1896 however, Valdemar Poulsen demonstrated magnetic recording. In this process of recording sound, a tape is kept moving under a recording head. The head transfers electronic signals corresponding to the sound on to the tape. The play back head then re reads these tapes and recognizes the signals hence playing them back.

Magnetic recordings were however not popular and were inefficient in the beginning. People preferred Phonograph to Magnetic records. For example, in 1932 the BBC used a tape recorder. It was a huge machine using steel tapes. The tape had to be rotated at the speed of 90 meters under the different head, which meant that a huge amount of tape was required. Approximately tapes as long as 3 Kilometers weighing 25 KG were used.

However as the time passed, tape recorders became better. With the help of the Germans, a working tape recorder was finally demonstrated in 1938. After this, multi track recording was introduced. Les Paul, helped in this field. In this form of recording, multiple tracks can be housed on one tape.

All the great things were not happenings only in the magnetic recording field. In 1927 the JAZZ singer astounded people by being one of the first movies to use sound techniques. From now on, the process of recording sound on optical film began in earnest. The Jazz singer had used a process known as the vidaphone.

It was now time for the digital recorders. Introduced in the late 1970’s, these soon became popular. Soon, multi track recorders with stationary heads were being manufactured. The rotating head technology was used to record sound on to video tapes then in use. As time moved on, compact disks became more and more popular.

Using complex electronic techniques, these provided higher quality and far superior sound. Using Lazar for recording purposes, they were a new revolution displacing tape recorders and gramophones, which had come out in the 1960’s.

However, the wheel moved and we had the MP3 player which allowed us to download and listen to hundreds of songs from one simple and tiny portable device. Today, ipods are the order of the day, allowing you to carry and listen to thousands of songs in your pocket where ever you are.

The journey of recording music is fascinating and filled with great happenings. Today recording is used for storing music, books and great speeches. It has become an integral part of our lives. We don’t think of it when we flip the cd into our computers or cd players about the long struggle this technology had to make before it was in this state.

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Free Audio Editor for Mac users

Macsome Audio Editor is a free audio editing software designed exclusive for us to edit audio freely and easily. With it, we can edit MP3 and AAC audio in various formats. Extract an audio part which we prefer from an audio book, music or song; cut audio for the part we like; save a certain audio part directly; split large audio files; convert MP3 and AAC audio files between MP3, WAV and W4A audio formats; set special sound effects on the audio we edit. Macsome Audio Editor can do more for us to edit audio. If want to know more, please visit: [] As a free, practical software for audio editing, this freeware provides us with lots of functional features. The following are its main features which make us edit audio at will. Free audio editing software No cost, no use limitation, and no need to worry anything. This audio editor enables us to free apply and also free upgrade. Split audio, cut audio crop audio or trim audio Split audio, cut audio crop audio and trim audio, all these audio editing measures can be well done by this AudioEditor. We can split audio into multiple smaller audio segments; cut audio for our favorite audio parts; trim audio to delete our unwanted audio parts. However, one thing should be aware that we can only get our favorite audio parts one by one. Simple convert to MP3, WAV and W4A Macsome Audio Editor supports MP3, AAC and W4A as the output audio formats. So with this software, we can also convert AAC to MP3, WAV to MP3, AAC to WAV and the other way around. Set sound effects on audio Of course, setting sound effects is indispensable for editing audio files. With this software, it is easy for us to “Fade in” and “Fade out” parts of an audio file, “Increase” or “Decrese” the volume of parts of an audio files. Edit ID3 tags flexibly This free software for editing audio supports us editing the ID3 tags of the edited audio files. See, though Macsome Audio Editor is a freeware, its functions are powerful. Why not apply this free audio editor to edit our audio files?

About Macsome Inc. is a software development company with expertise and experience in digital audio, digital video. We provide iTunesConverter, AudiobookConverter, , audio recorder, audio editor, AudioSplitter to let you enjoy your audio book anywhere, including your iPod, PSP, Zune, Creative, Sansa, etc. Even play your audio book on your PC. To us, customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We ensure our customer satisfaction by offering consumers fun, easy-to-use applications and take feedback seriously as a means to enhance our products. We will continue to work hard to provide excellent service and cutting-edge products.

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Hitting the High notes with Home Audio Receiver

Audio Overload A music lovers necessities could embody his mp3 player and a few CDs in his room. But each music lover must admit that not having a robust audio system at home makes the music expertise feel incomplete.

There may be nothing higher than listening to music from state of the art home audio receivers. Audio receivers which are installed in ones home works like this: it is primarily a stereo receiver that can produce sounds from no matter supply one chooses. For a less complicated definition, receivers can be thought of as an intelligent filtering system where a person can choose which source of music to take heed to; from the AM/FM radio or Excessive Definition Radio, Satellite Radio and even Web Radio. Music connoisseurs know that the sound of music doesnt just rely on the source of the music, however its the receiver or the speaker that makes all the difference.

Understanding the two Channel Receiver There are numerous sorts of home audio receivers with functions and efficiency that differ from each other, and to be able to choose the perfect one, it is very important know which types can play music the best way possible. When asking for a home audio receiver system, essentially the most basic thing to search for is the 2 channel receiver which might be the simplest type of home audio receiver.

The two channel stereo receiver is simple and as mentioned, primary but simplicity has never been a hindrance in producing good quality. The circuitry is simple sufficient to be understood and installed with no help from any technician. There are two internal amplifiers and two audio system in every 2 channel speaker which might simply be assembled. Not solely does the 2 channel audio receiver deliver high quality sound, they are additionally very cheap. They’re fairly easy to put in as well. Some audio/video receivers obtainable in the market are extra difficult too, and can should be installed by a professional. In contrast to the 2 channel home video receiver, some difficult methods have as a lot as five inside amplifiers so it is very important ask round to seek out these easy 2 Channel receivers.

Other than that, several receivers these days have wireless settings which may make listening and viewing more convenient.

Discovering Audio System Nowadays, it’s quite a process to seek out the most state-of-the-art home audio receiver. It is because numerous stores confuse a home audio receiver system to a home theater system. A visually stimulating home theater system is a deal with, and together with the video system comes a really expensive price. It is a pity that those who just wish to enjoy music to need to pay for video system as well. Why do these items occur? Its not that home audio receivers are exhausting to find, its simply that a few of the quality ones are included in home theater system packages. This is not solely inconvenient however on the similar time, it is a waste of cash to buy a full home theater system. So it’s best to ask around and better but search the internet for respected on-line shops that sell these home audio receivers.

Why Do People Start To Prefer Audio Books To Traditional Books

During the last decades, the rate of reading traditional books has obviously decreased. Instead, people prefer to buy audio books online and listen to the content of the printed text whenever and wherever they want or can. Figures show that almost a third of the American population prefers listening to books on tapes, CDs, iPods or MP3 players to actually reading traditional books.

This shift of perspective has occurred mainly because our life styles have changed significantly lately. Our normal activities have different importance now in our lives and we are very much preoccupied with careers and studies. We can say we live the busiest times in the human history. This has obliged us to give up entertaining and relaxing activities. Among them, there is reading. Fortunately, technology offers us the possibility to keep in touch with culture and with reading book by listening to audio books. The great benefit is that you can listen to these books while performing a series of other activities. Audio books are all the more attractive than traditional books since we are provided with dramatic flair.

Because people have less time every day to sit down and read a book, they have found the perfect solution: to buy audio books online. They have the chance to listen to a novel while commuting, while working, while doing housework or any other jobs, while walking or jogging. Technology offers nowadays various possibilities to enjoy a good book without being stuck at a table or in bed. Audio books allow you to be dynamic, active and multifunctional.

At the beginning people tend to ask themselves how they can listen to such books once they purchased them from the internet. Basic guidelines on the websites inform people of the choices they have. There are several format possibilities for audio books to be downloaded. All you have to do is to opt for the right format, the one that meet your necessities and lifestyle. You must also take into consideration the place where you listen to the recording.

Audio books recorded on tapes are the oldest format that some people still use. But its sound quality is also doubtable. Still, there is the possibility to convert the tape into a CD and listened to the story in any digital format. CDs represent an audio support that appeared in the early 1990s, its purpose being to replace the conventional cassette. Sound quality is obviously improved and life-like. Also, CDs can be listened to in various devices: portable CD players, computers, home stereo systems, in-car systems. iPods or MP3 players are updated alternatives and at the same time they make people aware of how many possibilities they have. They do not have to restrain to printed books.

If you buy audio books online and listen to them to digital systems, you can say that the author himself speaks to you. This is mostly because to technology we add human voice and interpretation. The fact that the story is read by someone real, a professional actor it gives beauty and sense to the story. Therefore, you cannot find an excuse anymore not to read books for you can listen to them now anytime and anywhere.

So this is why people shifted their interest and attention from traditional formatting books to audio books. And the first method to purchase them is to buy audio books online. It is easy, fast, and fun! People want to read good books, but they tend to give up due to lack of time which is no longer an excuse now.

Audio Effects – Compression & Ring Modulation

Moving on down the line, today we continue our series on audio effects and editing tools. In the past few articles we’ve such effects as reverb, flange, delay, and noise gate. If you enjoy dabbling in audio production, you’re going to enjoy today’s article. We’ll be discussing compression, which is instrumental in the audio production arena. And also we will also be discussing ring modulation, which is a bit more fun and flexible audio effect. So, in today’s article get ready to learn about both, compression, and ring modulation. Let’s discuss how these effects work and why they work the way they do.

Compression Compressors reduce the dynamic range of an audio signal, if its amplitude exceeds a set threshold. The amount of range reduction is determined by a set ratio. If the ratio was set to 6:1, the dB would need to be increased by 6 to increase the output signal by 1 dB over the threshold. The way that a compressor reduces dynamic range is by using a variable-gain amplifier, which reduces the gain of an audio signal. Analog compressors typically carry this out by using a voltage controlled amplifier, which reduces the gain as the input signal’s power increases. Digitally, compression is carried out via DSP (digital signal processing), and this is the most modern version of the effect. The main use of compression is to make music sound louder without increasing its peak amplitude. Compressing the peak, (loudest signal), allows you to increase the overall gain without exceeding the dynamic limits of your reproduction device. Compression is widely used in TV and radio, allowing maximum perceived volume, without going over the strict limits imposed by most broadcasting companies.

Ring Modulation Ring modulation is achieved by multiplying two audio signals, with one signal being a simple waveform such as a sine wave. They combine the two signals, outputting the sum and difference of said signals. Ring modulation is related to amplitude modulation and frequency mixing, and it produces a signal rich in overtones. It is well suited to produce metallic and bell-type sounds. Modern ring modulators, like modern compressors, use digital signal processing to produce the effect. Using DSP to do this produces a mathematically perfect signal output, which some musicians do not like. You can come up with some interesting harmonics using a ring modulator by changing the frequency of the two input waveforms.

This is the third installment in my continuing series on audio effects and engineering tools. We discussed compressors and ring modulators today, a couple of very interesting and deep effects. I learned a lot myself, so I hope that you did as well. We will be continuing this series indefinitely, until we run out of effects! I hope that this has shed a little light on these two amazing pieces of equipment, ultimately making your next music project a bit more interesting and productive.

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Mp3 & Digital Audio Files Can Be Exchange Using Bluetooth

Marlene Deidre

Bluetooth is a technology that uses radio frequency over a short range. It is designed to provide a way to transmit signals in an inexpensive but reliable way without the use of wires. The Bluetooth technology eliminates the need to use a cable to connect nearby personal gadgets like cell phones, notebooks, headphones, MP3 & digital audio devices. It delivers secure voice and data transmission, creating a host of useful applications.

One such application of the Bluetooth technology is wireless connection between audio systems such as MP3 & digital audio devices. This application is indeed very useful. For instance, if you want to listen to music while you are on the move such as when jogging/running or working out at the fitness gym, using a regular music player and headphone combination would mean constraints to your movement because you need to watch out for the cable connecting the player with the headphone. With a Bluetooth MP3 & digital audio device, you can are free to move while listening to your favorite tunes.

Likewise, a Bluetooth MP3 & digital audio device makes a great home entertainment gadget. Stay connected with your PC with a Bluetooth headset you will not disturb your housemates and you can walk around the house or relax in another room while using your home PC as an entertainment center.

Learning the Technical Details

The standard bandwidth for a transmission device to deliver audio with CD quality is 1411.2 kbps but the highest-level bit rate that Bluetooth can achieve is only 721 kbps.
To solve this lack of bandwidth, Bluetooth mandated the use of Sub-band Codec that Philips developed which has no royalty charge and is low-complex. The Codec ensures that a Bluetooth MP3 & digital audio player will reduce the size of a CD-quality audio file to fit into the bandwidth of Bluetooth and then the receiving headset or speaker will decompress the streamed data prior to playing it out.

The specific procedures that Bluetooth technology uses to stream audio content through Bluetooth MP3 & digital audio players are defined in the Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP. A device that implements this particular profile will be able to function either as the source of streaming audio (the music player) or the sink of the streaming audio (headset or speakers). The Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is also the basis for maintaining quality of service and the high-quality transmission of audio content.


The use of Bluetooth to deliver audio wirelessly has indeed revolutionized the audio industry and more applications of digital audio via Bluetooth are expected to be discovered, creating a fast-evolving and more interesting mobile and aural experience to end users.

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Upgrading Your Car Audio System

It is a good thing to upgrade your car audio system timely because it will let you to take the most out of your car. Besides, it will provide you the luxuries and comfort but upgrading a car audio system timely is a good way to comfort yourself. Upgrading your car system does not mean that you have to put some heavy material in it, it depends on the money that how can you afford to upgrade it besides you have some other things to handle as well. Upgrading your car audio system is the necessity of your car. It provides you a good time while going somewhere.

Another advantage of upgrading is that you will have your own top quality mobile audio system. Whenever you go for a ride, you can take this moveable system with you and it will help you to blow you away with the top quality sounds. The best thing about it is that while going out you can spend a good time listening to some quality tunes.

The most important thing you have to take stock of is that the size of your ride, because it might become a problem that you buy a big system and that does not suits in your car. When adding the speakers, take a good look where to place it. It is possible that you may get some professional advice. The main factor that counts is the budget you have, how much money you want to spend on your car. If possible, you should try to find a trustworthy brand that you can trust for your car audio speaker system, and any car audio woofer or amplifier you may have.

The last thing for purchasing is finding a good store. If you want to save your time try to purchase online and make sure you find some good web site to buy from. Once you get the things, unpack them carefully and make sure that nothing is missing or damaged. If you find something not n good condition, then contact the seller and exchange them. Fix them in your car if possible for you otherwise you may take some help from the professionals.

Create professional audio using these 4 techniques


There are 4 elements to professional audio;
Mixing techniques of sounds and music

Pro vs consumer Microphones
Most recording is done in a digital format on a computer. For a information publisher to get the best result it is advisable to get USB microphone. Most microphones sold are usb compatible, do not use a headset or microphone that plugs into the audio jacks as the sound quality is not as good as with USB microphones. USB microhones integrate very easily into modern day computers and software and makes it very easy to get a good result. You dont have to buy expensive sound equipment to get professional sound quality. What you want is to get a USB microphone with a small diaphragm this is the bit which picks up the sound of your voice. Get one with a large diaphragm as this helps with the sound quality when recording audio. The microphone to use is a USB audia technica 2020. This will give you professional audio quality and is compatible with most modern computers.

Make sure you stay close to the microphone, this will ensure a constant good quality audio and gives a consistent sound and reduces interference when recording. Pop filters will filter out wind noise from letters like “P”, “B”,”D”.

A quiet environment means better recording. Make sure you dont have any outside noise which can add unwanted sound to your recording like noisy computer components, dogs barking, traffic passing etc. Make sure you don’t have too many hard surfaces as this reflects the sound, this can be reduces dramatically with carpeting on the floor or curtains or blinds on windows.

Production techniques
Use production techniques to make sure it sounds professional. This can be done by doing some editing to help present the audio well. To make it sound more professional you can use intro music to create the mood and set the expectation or use music underscoring to sustain the mood. Sound effects can also be used to help enhance the audio. Take out the flaws and mistakes in the recording and generally tidy up the audio to help make it sound more professional and distinguish from consumer audio.

Audio Visual Installation

Audio visual installation at an event venue could be difficult, especially if you have a limited budget. However, it is not a wise idea to compromise with quality, as this is what the success of your event depends greatly on. There are ways in which you can lower your cost without compromising on quality.

Tips to Lowering Your Audio Visual Installation Costs
Following are a few tips to help you impress your clients.

Consult experts: AV systems on hire are the best choice if you are planning on containing costs. Consult experts about your situation. Rentals that cater to small budgets will definitely have something that fits within your budget.
Be choosy: A large budget gives you the luxury of hiring professionals to take care of all details of the audio visual installation and operation. When on a tight budget, identify what you can do without.
PA system options: If you have a band playing at your event, you need to know details of the equipment in their possession already and what else you need to get to complete the setup. The band could have brought its own PA system, but you may still have to provide for the audio visual installation at the event site.
Knowing the event to install the lighting: The event management company needs to be clear about whether your event requires specialised lighting. A proper stage lighting rig could be expensive in contrast to automatic lighting like dizzies which are cheaper and easier to use. They just need you to press the switch once they are set up.
Projectors for cheap display of audio visuals: Projectors rigged to a DVD player are perhaps the cheapest way to display quality audio visual images.
Use a PA system: Find out if the venue you are using for your event has a PA system. If they do, use it for the background music as well as live bands and any other sound requirement at the event.
Choose a playlist over a DJ: An unfortunate choice to make. While a DJ is any day a better option, given he/she can tweak the music to the mood of the audience, play list is the option for you when you are on a tight budget.

What You Should Know About Audio Visual Installation
While your budget may be pulling you in all directions, what you should be looking at is value for money rather than a pure minimisation of costs. For this, it is essential that you understand the four fundamental factors that you need to get right for any audio visual installation.

The first of these is clarity, which is critical for audio visual presentations. You can cut costs on audio visual installation by not hiring technicians, but it is well worth spending a little more on good AV systems in this category. The second factor is simplicity. Make sure that the AV equipment is easy to operate. The third is reliability. Look up reviews of the system that you are considering to avoid losing connection during the event. The fourth factor is realism. You need to ensure that the overall effect created by the audio visual installation is that of people participating together and feeling no barriers even if they are separated by distance.

Planning any event is not easy and you can find an event management company even on a small budget. Smart thinking and a good understanding of your needs will help you the most in this matter. The ultimate aim is to hire AV systems and get technical support without emptying your coffers or sacrificing the success of your event.